Why Join Our Team?

Written By: Will Wong

Why choose us when there are a mountain of well branded brokerages out there that tout fancy training seminars and systems to build your business?  Our company offers a relaxed environment with no monthly fees and a minimal split for each trade you complete, which means it is in our mutual benefit to have you succeed!  I take a hands on approach to personally train each agent that comes on board and always make the time to help our team members.  This keeps our business reputation consistent and the level of customer service above and beyond.  The way you conduct trading when you start will build the foundation for your future in real estate. Our company culture is focused on a long term approach establishing trust through transparent business ethics and building networks with good people.  I am building a team of only quality members that understand teamwork and good business practices. All of our members embody the mindset of long term repeat business built through trust and expertise.  If this is the type of environment you are looking for contact me and we can start your journey in real estate together!

It has been my mission to help people to develop and realize the freedom they can attain through hard work and persistence. In my previous working 9-5 life I served in a capacity of a trainer in a human resources type role for over 20+ years.  Through time and endless hours dedicated to the company I realized that no matter how hard I worked it resulted in the same frustration due to corporate politics and lack of opportunity to build the future lifestyle I desired.  Through self improvement and maturity I realized that and exchanging my time/efforts for resources dictated by someone else would limit my growth and development.  I started Infinity 8 with the mindset of recruiting quality people work not to work for me but to work with me.  There is no boss in our team, rather individuals that are interested to progress forward by leveraging from the experience of others.  I personally train everyone to avoid the pitfalls that I came across when starting out and develop their career by making sure their trades and business practices are sound.  There is no pressure to make sales, desk fees or hidden charges.  We have a very low split and advocate a win/win mindset in our company culture.  I am a real person that understands what its like to start off in a new industry and the challenges it poses.  I believe that giving back is important and that a rising tide lifts all ships.  I would be happy to help you navigate this road and succeed in realizing your goals.

“Working at Infinity 8 with Will has been a great experience when I was starting out.  His patience with questions and experience when dealing with transactions has always been helpful with my business dealings.  I would recommend anyone starting out to learn the industry with Infinity 8.”

Jay Kang

“I am very happy to begin my career starting out in this company.  I was nervous about the business and happy to have a patient and kind mentor to guide me.  Always encouraging and positive, Will has always kept everything simple and easy to understand.”

Gabriela Gitoi

“My experience here has been good and the people on the team are quality.  Everyone has a very high standard of professionalism and business ethics.  I am glad to have found a tight knit team that has no pressure and hidden fees.”

Cody Dywer

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