Why Do You Work?

Why Do You Work?

Simple question in theory, but we don’t ask ourselves this often enough. I had a job for around a year and right before I quit I asked myself this very question. My answer at the time was “I don’t really know”, my finances were fine and while I liked my job, it wasn’t as fun as sleeping in or building my own projects. So I quit, simple as that.


Now, of course, it isn’t that simple for everyone. I am only 21 and I have no debt so it was easy for me to have an exit point, but you can all follow my simple steps to make yourself free from the bondage of an hourly job!


First step

Stop listening to people. You’ll hear the same things over and over again, “it’s too risky, what if you fail, what about your bills”. It never ends. Even if you have solid answers for each question I encourage you to NOT answer anyone. I always answer questions with very vague answers because it’s my business, why do other people need to know anything? When people ask how much I make on my business, I always reply “enough” and that’s that. I’ve been mocked by boys but at the end of the day, they’re still a slave to the system and I’m free to follow my passion, so their comments mean nothing, and they should mean the same to you.


Second step

Is to make a budget and stick to it. Again seems obvious but the important thing here is that once you have a budget (for example, $2,000 a month), you can make that your monthly goal for your business. This is a great motivator because you feel accomplished every time you make your monthly budget and anything you make above it is pure extra cash, for savings and a bit of fun of course!


Last step

I can’t stress enough how powerful it is to start your business. Whatever it is, you have to start it NOW. Today, right after you finish this article do something for your business. One of the most powerful things you can do is to buy a website for your idea. With a website, you can show off your idea to the world and look professional while doing it! I’ll even offer anyone who read this article 40% off of a new website from https://matthewsergenese.com! Just send a message and include the code “ELITE1113”. That’s how confident I am in YOU, now let’s get started and make your dream into a reality!


I hope this article helped you to get motivated about quitting your job and making your business dreams real! Good luck to all of you Elite Capitalists out there and I hope to hear from you when you want to start your websites!!



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