What to do after you get your License? (Part 3)

What to do after you get your License? (Part 3)

I hope in this final part of the series to give you some final advice that will help you start off your career. After you obtain your license some may assume they are ready to start trading right away and be confident to conduct real estate without a hitch. This can be akin to the assumption that finishing your degree will automatically guarantee a successful job and you will live happily ever after…

After you obtain your license you will need to choose a brokerage to work for. Here are the top 3 important things you should be looking for when starting out in a brokerage…

#1. Quality Training and One on One Mentorship

In real estate sales, the most important thing for agents, in the beginning, is to have someone with enough experience to guide them through their first few deals. Finding someone qualified that will take you on and not take half your commission will be a task in itself. More importantly though whomever you learn from in the beginning is going to play an important role in how you conduct business in the future. Good habits developed early = return business and referrals.

#2. Good Commission Split

You have just invested a sizable amount of resources getting your license, paying your insurance, membership fees and will not adopt a new quarterly bill for MLS access, the last thing you need is additional fees to add to the debt load. I would suggest a smaller independent as they are much more reasonable when it comes to support and fees when starting out.

#3. A Positive Team Environment and Company Culture

This is probably one of the most difficult things to find in this industry. Frankly, because each of the team members is technically the competition. However, I have seen brokerages where the zero-sum game mentality is not as strong and people work together. An environment where helping each other leading to win/win situations is the normal culture will have a much better starting experience than a cut-throat themed brokerage.

In summary of this series real estate is one of the best investments I have made in my life and not only for the monetary rewards, but more importantly it forces you to learn, adapt and improvise. It has enriched my life and I am writing this to welcome you to join our team to share this journey with more quality and interesting people. It is my sincerest hope that if you do have the right persona, take the time to investigate regardless of the doubt in your mind. Some people see “Impossible” and some see the same word as “I’m possible.”

Hoping my words find their destinations,

Will Wong

Broker of Record

Infinity 8 Realty

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