Our Journey Volume 1

Our Journey Volume 1

Week of Dec 29 – January 4

This week I decided to start making a written journal of my events for the week, so I can track my own progress and so anyone can see what I did on a daily basis should they want to learn from me in the future.  I’ll be going over the general events for that week and I’ll include some pictures to go along with it and give you all a nice visual to go off of! This is not meant to be a business article, it is just showing my thoughts for all to see and I’m allowing future entrepreneurs to take a look into my mind while I was still growing – as I believe that Will and I have a great formula and together I know success will follow!

This week one of the big accomplishments was completing our goal board for the year of 2020.  This board is a compilation of images that will and I hand picked to represent our goals for the year.  This is a very important thing for us as it gives us a good goal to look at every single day while we are working, a constant reminder of why we are in the grind!

We also both chose 10 words/phrases that we think people are going to use to search us on google (for example, realtors in niagara falls) and we are going to insert all of these words and phrases intelligently into the website to hopefully boost our SEO optimization – I will update you on how this went in the following weeks and link it HERE when that article gets made.

Outside of Infinity 8 Realty, this week I made some of the finishing touches for Will’s muay thai academy marketing, which included a nice class picture on the end of the videos that I made, which I think turned out very well and I am definitely excited to use the skills that I learned in making these to make more promotional content for the brokerage and my own dancing videos!

This is a bit more of a note to my future self – one thing that I really want to focus on this year is automation – whether that be in the brokerage, in my own systems, or in any other parts of my life, I want to do my best this year to fill the huge gap in the market that is automation.  I know that there are many systems out there but honestly I do not believe that they are not done properly and I think that this is a simple effect caused by the fact that NONE of the people who make the program actually use it! This causes both sides to be out of touch with each other and this is what I believe is my advantage – for example, right now I am a Real estate agent and a programmer, which allows me to make my own system tailored to my exact wants.  Unfortunately, until we release whatever product we decide to release, I cannot go into further detail but I will make an article and link it HERE when I have made a market ready system that has something to do with automation of some business!

That’s it for my first article, I liked writing it and I think this will be a fun way to record everything that Will and I do, and something that I know my future students will read!  I will post another one next week around the same time – if you want notifications on when I post then please like our facebook page or sign up for our email list! I hope to hear from you, please feel free to message me any time if you have any questions or comments, all are welcome!

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