Enjoying the Journey is the key

Enjoying the Journey is the key

Recently I have come to some realizations that enjoying the journey has made the arduous road meaningful and more bearable for the constant obstacles that lie ahead. This is the key I believe in being able to sustain the consistent efforts required to attain any goal of significance in a lifetime. Here are some insights on how to make the road as pleasant and enjoyable which can make the inevitable adversities along the path easier to overcome.

Finding a Mentor

While many believe in going it alone I will reference a concept that I learned from “The ten pillars of Wealth” by Alex Becker (highly recommend). Think of the path like a minefield… every time you encounter a mine you blow up and need to restart until you reach that point again and hopefully if you are a quick learner you won’t get blown up by the same mine. Each time you restart you make it a bit further avoiding the mines you have triggered and eventually you will make it to the destination. Now imagine if you had a guide that could help you avoid the mines along the way how more efficient you could navigate to reach your destination. This is the advantage of having a mentor who has seen the battles you are going to face.

Overworking without Adequate Rest

Push, Push, Push… This was my motto in my earlier years in my journey. I was trying to compete with peers and outdo them by sheer workload and endless hours of grinding. Sleeping 5 hours and working 3 jobs was the lifestyle and while I did make considerable progress upon reflection I realize this was not the most efficient way to move forward. I have found in time that sustainability is much more important than speed in terms of personal evolution. Burning yourself out physically and mentally will eventually lead to your demise as your energy is a daily finite resource to be used wisely. If you push beyond your means of recuperation you will inevitably manifest sickness because of compromise to adequate recharging time. “Going fast is of no use if you cannot finish the race.”

Surround yourself with like minded People

If you are inspired by the people you work with it creates a snowball effect of improving your mindset and quality of life. Don’t confuse this with a competitive cut throat environment which many brokerages have due to the zero sum mentality of the money game. Instead find a place where your peers are happy for your success and see it as motivation to strive harder themselves which in turn creates a corresponding loop effect of all team members improving in a positive manner. This is only possible if the company culture and leaders exhibit the same type of mentality and practice what they preach. While they are rare, I have encountered work places with this type of ethics over money culture.

Perhaps it is with age comes realizations of the importance of quality of time spent in the hours of the day. Many of my former peers are quite content with working everyday in the same routine without any aspirations of change due to risk of failure. Instead I have realized that risk is the price you will pay for evolution of self and without that process living life on your own terms is impossible.

Hope this serves you well on your journey,

Will Wong, Broker at Infinity 8 Realty

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