3 Ways To Advance your Real Estate Career

3 Ways To Advance your Real Estate Career

In this article, I will share the three beneficial lifestyle changes that have helped me advance in my business career and tremendously enriched my personal development. I have found that it is the little things that can make the most significant changes in our lives. Small changes consistently performed over long periods internalize into an individual’s permanent evolution. Adaptation takes time and reflects in all aspects of one’s life, whether personal or in business.

Building A Solid Daily Routine

The book Atomic Habits by James Cleary has an excellent outline of ways to develop habits that would produce enormous dividends over the long run. It helped me craft a daily routine that has been pivotal in my progress in personal evolution. I have found that including physical activity, meditation and planning out my day is a great way to begin my morning. It primes my mind and body and sets the tone for the rest of my day. Instead of reacting to a randomized flurry of events that I am responding to, I feel that I am prepared to embrace the challenges of my day alert and ready.

Reading/Listening to Books While Driving

As an agent, you will spend a considerable amount of time in your car. There is a way of making your driving time into valuable learning time—almost a pseudo-part-time real estate school. Instead of listening to the radio or music playlists on your phone, listen to an audiobook and develop your real estate knowledge as you drive. Podcasts, audiobooks or seminars can be very powerful if consistently played when driving to and from appointments. You can literally turn your automobile into a moving university! Learning through this medium has been one of the most valuable returns on time investments that I have made to improve my career in real estate.

Identifying Energy Vampires

When you begin to focus on bettering yourself, you may find that there will be people in your inner circle from which you will need to shift your attention. It sounds harsh, but if you are serious about bettering yourself and becoming the best version you can be, you will need to be aware of those who drain your energy. I don’t mean to say that these are bad people. Most often, this person isn’t even aware of their ability to siphon your reservoir of positivity. Monitoring the time that you spend in other’s negativity will significantly allow you to use your efforts to snowball into more productive uses of time.

While there is no magic formula that will produce absolute success, certain habits will increase your likelihood of finding a more productive lifestyle and mindset. A collection of these habits, coupled with disciplined practice, has been the pathway to a better life for me, and I hope you can benefit from my experiences to hasten your journey to success.

Will Wong,

Broker at Infinity 8 Realty

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