3 Most Valuable Things To Look For In A New Home!

3 Most Valuable Things To Look For In A New Home!

These 3 items will be your best indicators to see if you have found a goldmine, or if you’re standing on dirt.

Finished Driveway

I know this from first hand experience – DON’T buy a house that doesn’t have a finished driveway unless you want to spend months trying to get someone to come over and do it, and then you have to shell out thousands of dollars to get a good looking driveway (one quote for mine was upwards of $18,000!!).  This is especially important if you have any low driving car, as it sometimes won’t even be able to get in the driveway if it’s too bad (I have to park on the road until we get it redone)! Even if you have an suv or higher stanced car, it is horrible for your tires to be on an uneven surface for hours on end. Long story short, just find a house with a finished driveway.

Nice kitchen

Now, this is relative to the area you are looking in of course, but if you find a house with an extremely large and modern kitchen, it is usually a good buy. This is because kitchens are one of the best areas of the house in terms of value added to the home, now don’t go too crazy and buy a house with a kitchen far too large for you, but just keep in mind your future. Will a small kitchen with that tiny fridge be enough when you have kids running around one day? Thinking like this can definitely help in the long run but just remember as a rule of thumb, better kitchens are almost always worth the price.

Big Lot Size

This is sometimes overlooked when searching for the perfect house but it is a very important aspect of the home, because land is never increasing and the need for it will never go down. The bigger the lot, the better, that’s about it. Nothing too fancy here, just make sure that all of the fences and boundaries are done accordingly (on the property lines) and you’re set! Investing in land is always the best investment you can make, so be sure to keep this in mind when buying your next home.

If you need help with any of this, we at Infinity 8 Realty will always be here to help! Happy house hunting!

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